Insider Threat

In recent years the issues surrounding insider threats have expanded. Today’s insider can cause serious damage to a company and the community. In 2017, the Associated Press reported between $180 billion to $600 billion in annual losses due to the theft of trade secrets damaging the American economy. Insider Threats now comprise the workplace with violence, terrorism, economic espionage, and cybersecurity breaches. Protecting your company’s people and sensitive information is possible when you know what signs to look for and how create the right culture.

Our security professionals help you discover the critical areas within your organization which require protection. We have assisted our clients with policy, investigation, and due diligence to ensure their losses were minimized.


insider threat professional services include:

  • Threat assessments

  • Critical information identification & protection

  • Physical and logical access reviews

  • Policy and practice assessments

  • Assistance with internal investigations and due diligence

  • Recommendations to limit risk

  • Leadership and employee training

  • Security program review with recommendations for mitigations

  • Enhanced security posture planning and implementation for planned events

  • Guidance to protect against fraud and espionage

Insiders have the access and the knowledge to damage a company’s brand, reputation, and profits. Let us help you create a positive and profitable security program that protects the company from internal threats.