Together WI2 (we squared) can accomplish more.…

Together WI2 (we squared) can accomplish more.…

WI2 - A Cyber Social Movement

(We Squared) The Workforce Innovation Incubator

OPSEC360 is a proud founder of the cyber “soft-tech” jobs movement which aims to connect businesses and individuals through identifying the needs of both.

By 2020, 17 million jobs will be vacant in the United States tech industry. Many of todays works are not aware of the types of jobs which they could become qualified for. Cyber is not all 1s and 0s or engineers. More and more our lives have become connected and soft-tech roles are emerging.

Not all companies are able to understand or predict which tech or cyber skills are needed. We can help by identifying the right jobs and by facilitating a path to connect trained people to these roles. We are not recruiters or headhunters, we are believers in self-improvement.

Reach out to us for more about this and the way we are changing the cyber ecosystem!