A new age of national security is upon us. Information Campaigns and the internet are being used in every military, diplomatic, and political effort. Gaining the upper hand and keeping it present epic challenges in any online discussion.

Advising and assisting leaders at every level is critical to increasing their ability to anticipate and respond to a vast number of circumstances.

We support policy and creative thought discussion on social movements, economic impacts, natural disasters, infrastructure, security, law and international relations. Our advisors are experts in information warfare.

Threats to any organization come from domestic and international actors. Controlling your narrative is becoming more critical than ever. 

Understand the basics about misinformation: criminals, competitors, and foreign entities will use your internal information to create alternative narratives - false information - and spin social media to create discord. Their goal is to place your organization in response mode and to control the conversation.

What Can You Do?

  1. Know your network: many organizations haven’t adequately identified all the points of entry into their networks

  2. Protect your network: Scan and remove unauthorized access