Organizational Behavior

Company culture and the work environment drive everything. Increasing the efficiency of your staff is beneficial and rewarding for everyone involved. A common challenge for CSOs is often establishing or improving their security culture. OPSEC360 can co-create tailored security awareness campaigns, training, and security themes to make the conversation of security a positive one.

Providing a secure work environment is a critical task for security departments. Protecting against insider threat, active shooters, criminal activity, and work place violence are vital to the success of every organization.  


Developing good security practices with SMART Security at your company may include:

  • Establishing security goals for your organization

  • Identifying key roadblocks and developing a mitigation plan

  • Assisting in creating security messaging for key leaders

  • Discovering behaviors which detract from a secure work environment

  • Targeted security centric training to specific groups of employees

  • Managing expectations and relationships between departments & the CSO