IOT (Internet of Things)

The connectedness of devices on the internet is creating a wonderful experience in our everyday lives at home and at work, with seamless connections to devices, apps, we are now able to remotely manage many things which never were possible. The risk involved with IOT is a community risk and everyone has a part to play.


IOT is creating opportunity for many devices to be exploited. Yet, we believe in greater connectivity and security. Creating a security conscious community is our goal. We provide policy makers, corporate leaders and individuals with common sense solutions to their IOT security needs. While we won’t create the code for you, we will give you advice in design, implementation, and help you understand the risks to potential new devices or the impact on existing IOT devices within your environment. Either way, you can rest assured that your IOT concerns will be addressed.

Let’s get the conversation started! And make your business and our communities stronger and more resilient.