Infrastructure Security

Electric, Gas, Water, Ports

We have worked with international ports and some of the largest gas and electric utilities in North America. Our energy sector professionals can assist you in identifying and meeting NERC/CIP requirements. We will develop a holistic solution which mitigates your organization’s security issues.

Our team conducts program assessments and will work with your staff to create a step-by-step approach to gain compliance, such as:

  • Perform initial and periodic program reviews

  • Identify deficiencies and areas of concern with NERC/CIP standards

  • Design plans of action which assign responsibilities and maintain accountability for deficiencies

  • Conduct risk assessments based organizational needs and goals

  • Customized training for employees and leaders

  • Assist with policy and documentation

Our commitment to you is to provide your organization the intellectual wherewithal to implement a successful and compliant program.