CSO Leadership

The person who chases two rabbits, catches neither. - Chinese Proverb

Ready for a career change? 

Becoming a good leader takes effort. Most of us don’t start out dreaming of stressful situations, making big decisions, or being responsible for others and yet, there can be so much satisfaction in leading others. Not everyone seeks to be a leader but sometimes life places you in situations where you have to perform. Leading may come naturally for you, but if you are like most of us, you can use a helping hand and sage wisdom.


Your path to leadership may be just beginning, in full swing, or under construction. No matter where you are in life, we can help! Entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and politicians alike all have executive coaches and security professionals need them, too. We will help you identify your strengths, make them better, and give you the confidence to sort out areas of growth and opportunity. Busy schedules, demands at the office, responsibilities at home...we have them all and we know how to help you balance them. 

Creative and reliable consultations with our coaches will provide you the confidence you need to address critical security issues. Running a security team or the entire department can be an exciting opportunity, with the right advice.

Contact us for a virtual introduction. Your first session is free and is designed to identify if we are a good match for each other. Follow on sessions may occur in person or virtually and are based on your career goals and current situation. Engagements typically last from several months to a year, periodically re-evaluating your needs, and offer you the opportunity to learn and grow.