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Sasha Kenon & Joshua Belk

Sasha Kenon & Joshua Belk

Joshua Belk is an executive leader who brings a holistic practicality to problem solving. As the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Cyber Lab, a non-profit providing threat information to LA Business community, his innovative vision led to the creation of a mobile phishing application which bridged the gap between small businesses and enterprise security tools. Joshua is a former CSO in the FBI; in 2013, he and his team won the National OPSEC Award for Organizational Achievement for his efforts to integrate security practices into the multi-faceted and complex investigations of the FBI. He has held various information security leadership roles with Fortune 200 companies, building security operations centers, implementing security programs and leading change across large diverse organizations. He is a US Naval Reserve Officer who deployed with the Joint Special Operations Command and has extensive international security expertise. With over 20 years in the security industry, Joshua brings a unique public-private sector experience to any conversation.

Sasha Kenon is a business leader with vision who believes in contributing to the community by creating interesting and unique companies that provide valuable services to her fellow citizens. She has led healthcare, entertainment, financial and tech businesses to revive economically depressed areas, create jobs and provide new avenues for small business growth. She holds certifications in Diagnostic Medical Cardio-Vascular Technology and Radiography with a BA in Healthcare Management. Sasha facilitated the LA Cyber Lab’s Connecting the Community initiative through a variety of innovative and engaging methods. Her leadership efforts have grown the brand of the LA Cyber Lab and its followers. A true believer in STEM, she blends her passions for healthcare and technology into fun as the creator of Fioressence Botanical Infusions. 

SMART Security

OPSEC360 provides a holistic solution for your business security concerns. Our revolutionary SMART Security Suite is changing the way businesses think about and plan for their security future. The Internet of Things is exponentially expanding our connectedness to the world, now with Artificial Intelligence increasing, information and privacy risks have entered our lives in unexpected ways. OPSEC360 understands technology dependencies and business relationships which makes us the preeminent source for your security strategy and innovation. Solving the most challenging of problems is our specialty and we take pride in delivering solutions that our customers value today and can scale to grow with their business tomorrow.

But That's Not All We Do

Problem Solvers - Résolution de Problèmes

Problem solving is in our nature, we are a group of psychologists, sociologists, financial specialists and investigators. Knowing how to resolve challenging and highly specific issues comes with decades of business experience in Europe, Asia and America. Our clients remain confidential because we value discretion. At some point every company faces operational challenges. Finding the right consultants to help ameliorate the situation is not easy but OPSEC360 will give you solutions and satisfaction. Our unique blend of professionals makes us the worlds greatest problem solvers and if we don't know, we'll go find the answers for you!